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Gigonsa was created in response to the need of finding a safer way to clean fuels and protect diesel machinery by being 100% committed to the care of the environment.
Due to the nature of operation, diesel engines generally operate under hostile conditions. The fuel is stored under less than ideal conditions and with the inevitable natural condensation, fuel tanks are not always clean, for these and many other reasons, the diesel is often contaminated with water, oxides, iron, aluminum, dust and dirt.
Thus, AK Purifier emerged, by Gigonsa, which in a simple way will solve the problems caused by water pollution and solid contaminants, offering our users better operational performance, more competitiveness, as well as diesel engines with optimal working conditions, while supporting the world’s environmental goals.

Company Profile


To protect customer goods and environment, solving any damage to the fuel injection system with our AK purifiers.


To be world wide leader in fuel purification.


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