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AK Purifier

Since GIGONSA’s foundation, it has been 100% committed to offer integral solutions related to the Fuel Purification in order to highly protect the client’s unit, from any of the following fields: Construction, Dispatchers, Generation, as well as the Maritime, Railway, Mining, Transportation and Agricultural machinery. Discover the benefits offered by both the CLASSIC Line, as well as the PREMIUM Line.



Extends the life of the primary filters.


Prevents the formation of sulfuric acid, protecting from damages in injection system.


It saves time-outs and of non-operational expenses.


Lowers the polluted smoke emission.


Retains all solids such as dust, oxides, trash, and impurities in general.


Offers a deep Fuel tank cleaning.

Our Presence

Currently we have two main officess in 2 countries and presence in 23 countries, we keep working hard to be in more places.

United States - Mexico - Guatemala - Belize - Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - Colombia - Ecuador - Peru - Bolivia - Guyana -Surinam - Brazil - Paraguay - Argentina - Chile - Uruguay - Trinidad y Tobago - Dominican Republic - Burkina Faso